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Profile of MKRPL Kendal PDF Cetak E-mail
Oleh Administrator   
Rabu, 26 Desember 2012 15:08
Beautiful view of Blimbing villageBlimbing village, Boja Sub-District, Kendal is the location of MKRPL of AIAT Central Java in Kendal. MKRPL program aimed to manifest food self-sufficiency and patterns food consumption that varied, nutritious, balanced and safe. MKRPL activity in Blimbing is successful, as evidenced by the already replicated by local people outside location MKRPL accompanied by AIAT Central Java. So the view in Blimbing village look very green and beautiful, even though on river edge-verges also surrounded vegetable crops. This success is also marked by the inclusion Blimbing village in the Village Competition Provincial Level. From an economic perspective, this activity has produced rupiah just from the sale of vegetable seeds by the PKK that a gain of about 300 thousand rupiah per month. However, Ir. Djoko Pramono, MP as guide for this activity reminded, not only the economic aspects are considered, but also other aspects, such as aesthetics and health aspects. Aesthetics, with green plants and other colorful plants will make a wonderful view of the village. Aspects of health, with a beautiful view would be to relieve stress and also fulfill the needs of oxygen and the air filter. This month, AIAT Central Java near the end of the fiscal year, so there should be evaluation and follow-up plan for MKRPL this program, especially in Kendal. What has been achieved is currently expected to be developed further, although next time AIAT Central Java might not longer assist Blimbing village. Especially during the rainy season, needs to anticipate the attack of disease-causing and fungi. Abundant rainwater can make a bad aeration. The anticipation of them, more intensive treatment plants, make more holes in a poly bag so that the water does not drown the plants and proper planting medium mixing.
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