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Internal Workshop of MKRPL PDF Cetak E-mail
Internal Workshop of MKRPL's Internal Workshop on Sustainable Food Model House area (MKRPL) AIAT Central Java with the theme: "Escalation MKRPL Development in Central Java 2013" was held on February 1st, 2013. Internal Workshop participants were researchers, extension workers, and other functional officers by about 70 people. The material discussed were MKRPL activities that have been implemented in 2012 at a location that is considered sufficient to be a pilot model and the implementation plan of MKRPL in 2013. Several speakers have been asked to submit materials that can be used as a reference to the implementation of MKRPL 2013, primarily related to the decision support data for supplementary reporting. Dr. Ir. Tri Sudaryono, MS, had delivering a few things to be a reference in formulating the end of the workshop, which is, 1) KRPL very important and has a role as a source of household nutrition, 2) MKRPL need to be addressed and developed towards commercialization efforts. It is therefore considered mandatory for the institutional market locations in 2012 that has begun; 3) Diversification of food needs to be organized, resulting in a positive change in the quality of food consumed that starts with IFP (Ideal Food Patterns). IFP score increasing means increased diversification of food in the area; 4) Exploitation of yard should be multi-commodities. Planning and arrangement of land managed as a business unit integration between crops, livestock, and fish; 5) KRPL Optimization can be a strategic move in anticipation of climate anomalies (climate change) because the savings do KRPL water needs; 6) Through KRPL do conservation of genetic resources (germplasm) that need to be identified as the germplasm conservation of genetic resources; 7) KRPL very suitable to be synergized with the motto Central Java "Bali Ndeso Mbangun Deso"; 8) MKRPL implemented in 2013 designed to support collaboration AARD with SIKIB, MoU with Army Chief of Staff and Salimah. The workshop of MKRPL Central Java is expected to provide an understanding and common perception, especially for a new executive following the events in 2013.
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